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Video Promotion & Production

ASA's Emmy Award-winning video production division, Jeff Spitz Productions, creates memorable promotional videos, educational films and documentaries for clients and for television broadcast. ASA has a track record for moving audiences to action and has assisted the following clients in raising millions of dollars to support their causes; Shorebank Corporation, Chicago Equity Fund, El Valor, Bethel New Life, Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

ASA builds audiences for non-fiction film and television, and gains public awareness for the important issues that they address. Our publicity drive gains attention for projects during production as well as to support marketing of finished work. While ASA has a strong track record for building international audiences for its own films, we provide these services to other producers and distributors as well.

ASA has adapted several client productions into broadcast documentaries that have gained primetime PBS audiences for client issues. Some of these include: Mis Padres, Mis Maestros (Univision, 1998), Spanish language production, Client: El Valor; Many Voices, Many Dreams (WTTW, half-hour, 1995) Client: North Central Region Educational Laboratory (NCREL); Tell No Lies (WTTW, half-hour, 1994) Client: Small Schools Workshop; From the Bottom Up (national PBS, one-hour, 1991) Client: Council for Community Based Development; Long Way Home (PBS, half-hour, 1988) Client: US Conference of Mayors.

Additionally, ASA produces independent documentaries, which have screened and won awards at film festivals internationally and aired on PBS and other TV stations internationally. ASA's The Return of Navajo Boy premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, has been the subject of over fifty feature news articles, and was selected to represent the best of U.S. television in the international INPUT conference in South Africa in 2001.

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